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First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone…
(I Timothy 2:1)

Saturday: Come before God in worship, praise, and thanksgiving (Ps 69:30; 95:6; 150:6)

  • Praise God for His sovereign work in the world and pray that He would draw mankind to Himself for salvation and direction for living through the good and the turmoil of life.
  • Pray for our Prague team as they travel to their destination and assist their partnering church for a community care event today

Sunday: Come before God in personal confession, acknowledging our sin and need for His forgiveness and healing (I Jn 1:8-9; II Chron 7:14-15)

  • Pray for the worldwide community of faith: those persecuted, for missionaries and their ministries, and for revival in all believers.
  • Pray for strength, unity, and endurance as the Prague team participates in worship with their partnering church and is oriented/trained in preparation for the week of ministry ahead.

Monday: Come before God seeking knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from Him. (Col 1:9-12; I Tim 2:1-2)

  • Pray for the United States: our leaders, our elections, racial tension, our debt, morality issues, religious freedom, and revival in our churches.
  • Pray for the Prague team’s health, safety, and daily travel mercy to and from service efforts.
  • Pray for homeless ministry effort in the morning and university effort in the afternoon. 

Tuesday: Come before God seeking the salvation of those without Christ and for boldness in sharing His good news. (Col 4:3-6)

  • Pray for family members, friends, neighbors that are without Christ and need forgiveness and for Capital’s efforts to strategically reach them.
  • Pray for the Prague team as they serve the refugee community today and for opportunities for gospel conversations.               

Wednesday: Come before God in seeking His will to be done in all matters in the lives and ministry of the Capital Community family. (I Jn 5:14-15)

  • Pray for great love and unity in our body of believers at Capital Community Church, and that it might be a testimony to all people of God’s work in us and through us.
  • Pray for the Prague team’s personal spiritual growth and insight through the process of serving others on this trip, and that they would be an encouragement to those they serve and serve with. 

Thursday: Come before God asking for His strength and protection in the midst of spiritual battle and temptation. (Matt 26:41)

  • Pray that Capital would seek to be humble and dependent upon God, recognizing our weaknesses, yielding to His indwelling Spirit as we seek to walk in His way.
  • Pray for Prague team as they serve the university and community through English language training and American religious life conversations. Pray for boldness and clarity of presentation of the gospel. 

Friday: Come before God seeking to bring honor to Him as we display His love, mercy, and grace in all that we do. (I Pet 4:7-11)

  • Pray for the various ministries of the Capital family of faith and that we would be faithful in our stewardship of time, talent, treasure , and truth.
  • Pray for the Prague team’s service to homeless and safety as they travel back to the U.S. on Saturday.