Join the Church Directory

Once you have created an account, you can join the church directory.

Create your account.

Joining the online church directory is easy. You control how much of your information people see.

Once you have an account just go here, sign in and start filling out your profile. 

Privacy Setting selections (found in the list on the right side of your screen) allow you decide how much of your information Group Leaders, Group Members & Everyone (in the directory) can see.
Who are these groups?

  • Church Staff will be able to see all information. This is the first choice on the left.
  • Group Leaders will be the group administrator of any groups you may join in the future. By allowing the group leader to see your information, they will be able to best administrate/communicate with the groups.
  • Groups include your LIFE class, groups you serve as part of, Bible study groups and special interest groups. (We are in the test phase for this so no groups are currently set up to join. Once groups are available, you will have the option to join the ones you select.)
  • Group Members are members of the groups you belong to such as your LIFE Class. If you want your LIFE Class members to have access to this information, select this choice.
  • "Everyone" refers to those who have chosen to be members of the directory. If you make this selection, everyone in the online directory will be able to see that particular item.
  • The directory is private to Capital Community Church. Only those who opt in and publish their information will have access to your information.

*Be sure to check the box at the bottom of this page that says "Include me in the church directory". You won't be able to see the directory if you don't select this box.

**Select 'Save Privacy Settings' so the information you have entered and chosen will be saved.

**Both of these items are a little lower on the screen, you may need to scroll down and click them, otherwise, you'll be emailing us to ask what you missed.

Your profile will show as a certain percentage done. You will only be at 100% if you have an entry for every choice such as email, social media, and website, etc. If you don't have some of those accounts or choose not to share them, you won't be listed at 100%. It's no problem, you are still registered and it will not affect your directory listing.

If you'd like to see the directory, select it on the top of your screen once you have completed registering and are on that page.

Don't forget, you can't see the directory if you didn't select 'include me in the church directory.'

Not too many names in the directory? Tell your friends! We'll fill it up in no time!