Power of Words Session 2

October 10, 2015 Series: Women of Capital Presentations

Topic: Other Presentations

Our tongues, while a small part of the body, have great power--for good or for evil. Some words hurt, some words help. As instruments for the Lord, they can be a bane or a blessing. At this conference we will be spend time in private, in teaching and in group discussion discovering what is behind the words we speak. We will learn what the Bible says about them and how we can turn bane into blessing both at home and in our community including church, work, neighborhood, friends.

Speaker: Pam Bunn

Pam is a writer, editor and mentor. She serves on the international board of Bible Study Fellowship. She and her husband, Lee have 3 children and 2 grandchildren and have lived in Raleigh for almost 30 year years.

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