Christ and Culture: Living in a Post-Christian World

June 28, 2020 Speaker: Grant Castleberry Series: Christ and Culture

Topic: Other Presentations

On Sunday June 28, 2020 Pastor Grant discussed the current cultural climate and how we should think about current issues from a Christian worldview with an event titled "Christ and Culture: Living in a Post-Christian World." He discussed race, social justice, and the recent Supreme Court ruling through the lens of scripture.

Additional Resources

Just Thinking Podcast: Just Thinking Podcast is a podcast that tackles current and social issues from a biblical worldview.

Neil Shenvi Apologetics: A Christian apologist with numerous resources that will serve as an aid with this event. 

The Statement on Social Justice & The Gospel: Affirmation and denials of current Christian beliefs and cultural issues. 

The Briefing with Dr. Albert Mohler: This is a daily podcast of analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview. This episode is an additional aid to correspond with tonight and affirms what was discussed.