Membership at Capital

How to become a member at

Capital Community Church

Step 1 - Attend Starting Point

If you are new to Capital, Starting Point is where you can learn more about our church and start the membership process.

At Starting Point, Pastor Grant will present the grand message of the Bible, point you to ways to connect at Capital, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2 - Attend a Membership Meeting

If you feel God calling you to become a member at Capital, join us for our Membership Meeting. Pastor Grant will walk through what it means to be a member of Capital.

Step 3 - Be Introduced to the Congregation

Once you have attended Starting Point and the Membership Meeting, you will be introduced to the congregation as a member of Capital. 


Upcoming Starting Point Date:

Dates Coming Soon

Upcoming Membership Meeting Date:

Dates Coming Soon

Please email Kenny Jones if you have any questions.