Purpose and Vision

Capital Community Church exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ through the Scriptures, Prayer, Community, and Gospel Mission.

Two Foundational Truths

1) Christ is the Chief Shepherd/Pastor

2) We are nothing without the Holy Spirit's power

To glorify God (Who are we?)

1) The Church's Worship

2) The Church's Doctrine

3) The Church's Government

4) The Church's Practice

By making disciple of Jesus Christ (What do we do?)

In the New Testament, disciples are Christians and Christians are disciples. The terms are synonymous. A disciple is someone who follows another person or another way of life and who submits himself to the discipline (teaching) of that leader or way.

Through the Scriptures, prayer, community, and gospel mission (How do we do it?)

Jesus formed his disciples using four means of grace:

1) He taught them the Scriptures (God to man)

2) He taught them to pray (man to God)

3) He taught them in community (believer to believer)

4) He taught them to engage in gospel mission (believer to unbeliever)

The scope of discipleship in the New Testament (the four means of grace that Jesus taught) are to be practice corporately by the church body, by the families making up the church, and by individual believers with other believers in the church.