LIFE Classes

At Capital Community Church, LIFE classes are a part of our DNA. It is through these Sunday morning small groups that we join together in community and the studying of God's Word.

Life classes meet from the Sunday after Labor Day to the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend from 9-10am.   

     Age and grade as of September 1, 2018

 Lambs (birth - 12 months)                                        Room 1402
 Lions (1-2 years)  Room 1404 
Bears (3-4-years)  Room 1322
Armor Room 5 years -2nd grade            Room 1313
3rd - 5th Grade  Room 1311


 Middle School                                                               Room 1210  
 High School Room 1215


Young Professionals: Gospel Project: Prophets and Kings   
 Phillip Todd  Room 0301
The Gospel Matters for All of Life  
Kenny Jones/Daniel Summers           Room 0302
Discipleship Essentials   
 Jim Briggs  Room 1208
The Book of Revelation: Are You Prepared for His Coming?  
Thomas Mabiala  Room 1310
Orthodoxy/Orthopraxy: The Truths of the Faith 
  and How to Practice Them
 Leon Tucker Room 0305