Life Groups

At Capital Community Church, Life Groups are a part of our DNA. Through these Sunday mornings' small groups, we join together in community and study God's Word.

Capital Kids will walk through a gospel-centered curriculum, "Generations of Grace." You can find out more about our children's program here.

Life Groups meet every Sunday at 9:00 am starting August 20. 


     AGE AND GRADE AS OF August 20, 2023

Butterflies (age 1)  
Bumble Bees (age 2)  
Dragonflies (ages 3 to 4)  
Cardinals (K to 1st Grade)  
Eagles (4th to 5th Grade)  
Ladybugs (Infants)  
Owls (2nd and 3rd Grade)  



Capital Students is for 6th - 12th grade. This fall, they will be walking through the Baptism Catechism.  



The Christian Life (Thomas Mabiala)  

Join us as we dive deep into the Bible. This group explores how to apply Scripture to our daily lives. We will have discussions, spend time in prayer, and build a gospel- centered community as we study the Word of God. WORSHIP CENTER, 1ST FLOOR, ROOM E-5

The Art of Biblical Marriage (Barker/Batchelor/Boender)  

A good marriage is like a piece of art. It takes time and creativity to make it into something beautiful. A great marriage is not accidental, but intentional. Join us for a class to discover the biblical truths and practical skills to help improve your marriage. This is an excellent opportunity for young marrieds to begin their lifelong journey together. Interested? Please contact us or WORSHIP CENTER, 1ST FLOOR, ROOM E-4

Hebrews (Morland/Roper/Rosser)  

The goal of this group is for each member to become confident in their Christian life through focused Bible study discussion each week that applies Scripture to our everyday lives and helps us witness to others and disciple younger believers. Through open class discussion and prayer, we work to strengthen each member’s faith as we laugh and cry and hold each other up through the joys and pain of life’s ups and downs. WORSHIP CENTER, 1ST FLOOR, ROOM E-6

Starving for God's Word (Briggs/Young)  

Although the Bible is the best-selling book in the world, many professing Christians know little more about it than those in the world’s remotest parts with meager access to Scripture. That’s startling because it is through Scripture that God provides believers with all the instruction necessary to know Him and live as He intends. We’ll discuss, develop, and deploy skills and habits to feast on God’s Word. WORSHIP CENTER, 1ST FLOOR, ROOM W-2

Digging Deeper:  

Join us as we take a deeper look at last week’s sermon and apply God’s Word to our daily lives. Our format will be highly interactive- we look forward to learning from each other and encouraging one another in faith, worship, and prayer. If you have questions, please get in touch with our facilitators: Bruce Boliek, Rich Carlino, Scott Earp, Jim Garriss, Johnny Garrett, Craig Fitzgerald, Randy Harrison, or Budd Hipp. WORSHIP CENTER, 1ST FLOOR, ROOM W-1

Doctrine for Doxology (Martin)  

We will gather each week to draw deep from the well of God’s Word and spend time learning and discussing the great biblical doctrines that shape our Christian faith. Outside of Sunday, we will gather for fellowships to grow in grace and build gospel community. WORSHIP CENTER, 2ND FLOOR, ROOM 214

Church History (Smith/Crawford)  

Join us each week as we seek to uncover how God has used people and events throughout time for His redemptive purpose. Learn how the church has grown through conversion, how God has reproved and purified His church through various controversies and divisions, and how God raised up many unlikely heroes to boldly preserve His word and stand for the truth. Along the way, we’ll learn: how a Neapolitan lead to 3 flavors of pope, how a goose impacted Bohemia, how bratwurst lead to reformation in Switzerland, why King James commissioned a Bible translation; and much more. WORSHIP CENTER, 2ND FLOOR, ROOM 210

College/Young Pros (Parker)  

This group is for young men and women who are currently in college or have just entered the workforce as young professionals. Our goal is to encounter God by teaching his truth in community. Whether you are a curious seeker with questions about Christianity or a believer looking to grow in your faith, this group is for you! Enjoy lively discussion, ask questions, and dive deeper into the Christian faith in a fun environment. In addition to our Sunday morning life group, we will also have other opportunities for fellowship, such as: a weekly Bible study on Monday nights, game nights, dinners, and other fun outings. FAMILY LIFE CENTER, 2ND FLOOR